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Cava series is a new architectural concept with a genuine allure.

A magnifying glass on a natural quarry that brings to light precious elements and superbly authentic veining effects.

Cava series has 26 finishes. Some colors are available in polished and soft touch finishes too.


Size: 63.7″ x 127.5″ x 0.47″
Slab area: 56.5 SF
Retail price per SF: Blue Stone (matte): $44.49
Bianco Statuario Venato/BM (soft touch): $46.47
Bianco Statuario Venato/BM (polished): $54.41
Calcatta Oro Venato/BM (soft touch): $46.47
Calcatta Oro Venato/BM (polished): $54.41
Bianco Lasa (matte): $44.49
Bianco Lasa (polished): $52.42
Diamonds Cream (matte): $42.5
Diamonds Cream (polished): $50.44
Orobico Grigio (matte): $44.49
Orobico Grigio (polished): $52.42
Nero Greco (matte): $46.47
Nero Greco (polished): $54.41
Noir Desir (matte): $46.47
Noir Desir (polished): $54.41
Pietra di Savoia Grigia (bocciardata): $42.50
Pietra di Savoia Antracite (bocciardata): $42.50